Friday, November 13, 2009

Such Great Heights

Saturday night, after the football game, Melissa, Jordan and I attended their Nottingham Country neighborhood block party. It was a perfect Texas fall evening. With the band playing classic hits from the late 70s, early 80s, we swung.

Jordan showed us that he wasn't afraid to display his daredevil swing jumping skills. I wish I could jump like this, but I am too afraid of broken ankles.
Still, the swinging was welcomed temporary respite from the sinking feeling that I have been maintaining that I can only relate to being 18 years old and holding my head against a brick wall outside of the Morris Center. Talking with my forehead pressed against brick, that is the best way to describe how I have been feeling lately.
So the swinging in the open air was quite nice.
And as always, happiness too is having a cute puppy to welcome me home.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

True Confessions

My name is Leslie and I am a sports fan. I have been embarrassed to admit it for too long. "It's just North Carolina basketball," I would say. I would insist that I didn't get pleasure out of other sports. But let's face it. I was lying to myself. In the past year I have attended a North Carolina basketball game, sure enough. But lets look at the other evidence of more general sports fandom staring at me in the face:

Baseball: I attended several DC Nationals Game during the summer. I raved about my favorite baseball player, Adam Jones, with the Baltimore Orioles. I even watched parts of the World Series because the Yankees were playing. Now granted, this doesn't take me to the rank of baseball super fandom, but it is much more than your average 31 year old woman.

Hockey: I even went to an NHL game! And I cheered against the home team because it was the Rangers. Once you start attending hockey games, you better just admit you like sports.

Soccer: I went to a US National soccer game. Now maybe for yuppies, liking soccer is the least offense to yuppie sensibilities. I can go one farther. Because of David, I now get up to watch the Premier League Soccer matches broadcast on ESPN every Saturday morning.

College Football: I have photographic evidence of this one. I did go to the Sugar Bowl this year, technically, but I also road tripped to Kentucky to watch the Gators play. It is because we have a Gator superfan, Matt, for a friend that we were able to get tickets. Here he and his fantastic wife Erin are with David at Kentucky's commonwealth stadium, where I trash talked with UK fans about basketball (Note: this is also a sign of super fandom - if you are trash-talking opposing fans about a sport that you are not even there to watch).

Look, I am even wearing a Gator shirt.I watched one Tim Tebow through his warm-ups, giddy with the fact I was getting to see the great Tebow in person.
And when the big hit on Tebow happened, I cried and bit all of my nails off. Apparently, that is what sports superfans do.

But here is the kicker, on my recent trip to Texas, I was thrilled that I was able to see a big time Texas high school football game. Katy High School vs. Cinco Ranch High School (where Melissa teaches) was the game and the district championship was on the line (CR won last year's championship, but Katy went on to win state).

The Cinco Ranch player were keen to remind the Katy fans and players about what happened last year:

Melissa loaned me one of her Cinco Ranch High School t-shirts for the occasion. I was thrilled to wear it. The stands were packed; our side was maroon, the Katy side was red (We were warned, of course, by one of Melissa's students that the game would be "CRAA-ZEE").

Even Jordan was showing his Cinco Ranch support.
The game was intense. I realized that I might be a sports superfan when throughout the game, I found myself feeling the need to tell the coaches what to do. I kept making comments like "What a great block!" or "Go for the pass, not the run!"

The game was intense and came down to a last minute field goal attempt, that sadly, the Cinco Ranch player missed by inches to the left.

Nonstop excitement, though. Nonstop.
And then on the way home from Texas, I read Roy Williams autobiography, which now has caused me to become incredibly passionate about college basketball recruiting and hoping that Harrison Barnes announces he is going to UNC on Friday. This has rocketed me to another level of fandom.
It is time to embrace it and admit it. So much for trying to remain the aloof intellectual. I am admitting it.
Now back to my UNC game on television.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doggie Daycare Webcam Revelations

Knightley's doggie day care now has a web cam where you can watch your dog from the comfort of your office from the hours of 12-3 pm EST. I watched Knightley and I learned that while he is away from us, he doesn't play as much as I thought he would. Instead, he hovers close to whatever human is present, always keeping an eye on the "adult" in the room. The other dogs play and wrestle with each other and Knightley keeps one eye on the human and the other on the door. Anytime it opens, he rushes over to it. It makes me understand why he is so excited when I come pick him up. He really must miss me during the day.
I had another sensation as I watched Knightley on the webcam from a distance of 12 blocks. I thought to myself, this is what God must feel like. It may sound ridiculous, but as I watched Knightley, I found myself suggesting out loud that he stand up and play, or warning him "Stop jumping on the person!" When I saw a couple of bigger dogs who were wrestling with each other come close to Knightley, I found myself getting worried and wanting to tell Knightley to be careful. I logically know that Knightley cannot hear me, but it doesn't keep me from wanting to warn him. Maybe I just feel like that Knightley should sense that I am watching him, looking out for him, and worrying for him even though I am not physically there.
I know it sounds corny, but because of a webcam, I think I understand the Divine a little bit better today. How our Heavenly Father must love us and how hard it must be for Him to be this separated from all of us, only able to watch us and hope that we can sense that He is there.