Monday, August 25, 2008


I just put a couple of things together. Namely, that the reason why I can't help but watch the teeny-bopper teen movie "What a Girl Wants" every time I am channel surfing and it comes across the screen is because it features a Pride and Prejudice reunion, of sorts. Once again Caroline Bingley doesn't get Mr. Darcy, as the movie stars Anna Chancellor as Colin Firth's wannabe wife. Hillarious bit of casting.

And now I have revealed something about myself that I cannot take back, that I find myself strangely addicted to an Amanda Bynes movie...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bacteria can be Beautiful

People who know me know that I am obsessed with bacteria and viruses of all kind, usually of the infectious variety. However, when visiting Yellowstone on our cross-country drive from Seattle to DC, I also became fascinated with bacteria of the beautiful quality. Behold:

Here are some other scenes from our all too brief stay in Yellowstone:

I was impatient to wait for Old Faithful. We arrived shortly after she had erupted, and I tried to be patient and wait for her to blow again. But I couldn't. However, we were treated to seeing the Behive Geyser erupt. And apparently, it only erupts once a day, and it actually erupts more steadily and higher in the air than Old Faithful does. So, I was satisfied.

I also really loved the lodge by Old Faithful (The Wilderness Lodge at Disney World is based on this lodge).

Unfortunately, these were the only bears that I saw:

But we did see other wildlife. There was a bison causing quite the traffic backup:

And in addition to the many deer and elk that we saw, we also this poor, solitary coyote. So misunderstood...

It was a beautiful day. And just think, it is all thanks to the potentially catastrophic volcanic activity taking place just beneath the surface of these wildflowers.

Supervolcanoes. Like bacteria, such beautiful things.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A very delicious day

Here is one other piece of information from my time in Boston. I had a very good Saturday that involved Katie, Chris, blueberries, and delicious desserts.

My friends Katie and Chris invited me to go to Connecticut and pick blueberries. Blueberries are a great fruit to pick, because you can always eat a few while doing the work, instead of thinking while you are picking, this fruit looks delicious, I can't wait to eat it later. But by the same token, it is easy to pick alot of blueberries. I picked 7.5 pounds in no time at all.

Here is Katie, demonstrating what fun work this is:

After picking the blueberries, we went back to Chris's parents' house and baked even more delicious blueberry pies.

And Chris's mom also made this delicious grasshopper ice cream cake, because one dessert is never enough.

Note: these pictures, and the pictures of Peacefield are the only pictures that I have of my three weeks in Boston. I did do other fun things to, thanks to my fantastic sister Sarah. Unfortunately, those events were not documented by photographic evidence.

Thanks Sarah, for being such a great host!

Funny, my Dad told me the same thing...

This was the exact same thing that my Dad told me when he first showed me the house being built in Mississippi...

Hats off to Peacefield, the one historical site that I wanted to see during my three weeks in Boston. The John Adams miniseries was pretty inspiring, lets just say, because it takes alot for me to get as excited about American History as I get about European History.

Top three reasons to go to visit Peacefield:

1. The Old Stone Library is amazing. Everyone in life should aspire to have a library like that in their lifetime. I certainly do.

2. Abigail Adams was a spitfire. Every American should aspire to learn more about her. I feel very strongly that she was the original Hillary Clinton and that she too was robbed from the Presidency.

3. The whole Adams/Jefferson death thing is seriously chill inspiring. Everytime I hear the story of their deaths I get the chills. I have the chills right now even thinking about it.